Dairy Month & Vermont Artisanal Cheese :: June 2015

One of the things our state is best known for is its farmers. Restaurants around the state, especially in our hometown of Burlington, Vermont, make a strong effort to locally source their produce, meat, and dairy, and they partner with farms within New England as often as possible. Our own sweet or savory breakfast options at the Lang House on Main Street, for example, feature Vermont maple link sausage, fresh herbs from our garden, Burlington-based bread and coffee, cheeses from a variety of artisanal producers, and seasonal fruits and vegetables from the region. Check out our video on Burlington’s foodie culture!

Outdoor picnic, with basket, wine, bread and cheese

A great way to check out some of Vermont’s farmers and their products is by celebrating National Dairy Month here in the Green Mountain State. Dairy Month takes place during June around the country, but can every state boast of a cheese trail you can follow to sample sharp and smoked cheddars, sheep and goat’s milk cheeses, goudas, bries, and so much more? In fact, Vermont has the greatest number of cheesemaking farms per capita.

Lang House Cheese Plate

Care for a Lang House cheese plate?

Here’s how to begin your cheese adventures and activities around Vermont:

  • During your stay at the Lang House, try our weekly selection of gourmet cheeses in our local artisanal cheese plate. For $16, you’ll have samples of four different cheeses, as well as small sides of berries or olives and homemade candied walnuts. Want to have it waiting for you upon your arrival? No problem! Call 802-652-2500 or e-mail our front desk, and we’d be happy to make sure it’s ready. Want to peruse our wine and beer list to pair a beverage with your platter? We’d be glad to send you the wine and beer list by e-mail.
  • Head downtown to City Market, the farmers’ co-op located just a ten minute walk from the Lang House, and talk to the staff in the cheese section. They’re very knowledgable on the subject, and would be delighted to advise you on what cheeses to take home and try. (You can keep the cheese in our guest refrigerator on the first floor!)
  • Check out the map of the Cheese Trail, created by the Vermont Cheese Council. (Yes, we have one of those!) Need driving directions? Our staff can point out the fastest or most scenic routes for you to take. Unfortunately, not all cheese farms are open to the public, so be sure to take a look at the map. Looking for a specific Vermont cheese? Search the Cheese Council’s site using their engine, typing in a name, a farm, a cheese type, or a milk type.
  • Come back on July 19 for the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival. More on that festival in a future blog post, so stay tuned!

Drooling yet? Come stay with us and let the Lang House staff help plan your Vermont vacation during Dairy Month. 

Shout-out to the Lang House’s favorite VT cheese, butter, yogurt, and crème fraîche producers: Jasper Hill, Vermont Creamery, Green Mountain Creamery, Blue Ledge Farm, Lazy Lady Farm, Grafton Village, Shelburne Farms, and Cabot.

Say cheese!