A New Year’s Festival to Remember :: First Night Burlington

On New Year’s Eve, we Vermonters pull on our sweaters, hats, and mittens and head to downtown Burlington for the art festival of the year: First Night Burlington. A tradition that spans several decades, First Night is a celebration of all types of art, from music to dancing to theater to film.

New Year's Eve

The First Night movement began in Boston in 1976 as a substance-free celebration of New Year’s Eve, and since then has spread to over 130 cities around the world. As the fifth city in the world to adopt this special way of ringing in the New Year, Burlington has continued to attract artists from diverse disciplines to share their talents with the local community. This year, Burlington will welcome over sixty different performing groups. For a complete list of the artists, check out the Burlington First Night website.

Certain events require tickets, while other events are free such as the two fireworks displays at 6 p.m. and midnight. Tickets may be purchased online at the website above, and can be delivered to your home address or collected at the “Will-Call” table at City Hall on the corner of Main Street and Church Street. A pass for all events is $15 for adults and $5.00 for children, while tickets for individual performances are $5.00 each.

Best yet, all of these wonderful events are within walking distance of The Lang House. So, grab your warmest sweater and spend the evening popping in and out of cozy venues nestled throughout the town, which will be overflowing with energy, expression, and inspiration. What better way to welcome 2015 than with a celebration of art and community?

We’ll see you there!