Why choose a Bed and Breakfast over a Burlington Hotel?

Looking for a place to stay in Vermont and can’t decide between a Burlington hotel and a bed and breakfast? Well don’t worry your not alone! Lots of people wonder what the hype is about, and I am here to tell you!
Let’s break down the differences, and let you decide.
    First of all price tends to be the number one reason why people get confused at what is best. Hotels overall tend to be between 90-200/night depending on location and amenities. Bed and breakfasts tend to be slightly more, about 100-250/night, because it includes the cost of breakfast, which on average for two people would be about $30.
Second is the experience. Bed and breakfasts tend to have much less rooms, say 10-30 versus hotels which can go up in the hundreds. Who cares about how many rooms, you may be wondering? It’s about the overall feeling your trying to get from your vacation. Bed and breakfasts are much more of a home away from home; almost like staying at your families house, yet with your own quiet space away, luxurious bedding, all the little amenities you don’t want to pack (ect. Shampoo/conditioner, towels…), and a breakfast that is sure to please! It’s a much friendlier atmosphere, cozy, and usually the buildings have a historical ambiance and décor. Most are still updated with normal amenities such as a TV, Cable, and wireless internet access, and private baths.
So maybe there is no mini-bar or room service, but overall the experience is much more inviting and relaxing then an uncomfortable double bed and generic sheets at the local Hotel. Still don’t believe me? Check out reviews on www.tripadvisor.com and read what other people have experienced first hand!