New aviation degree at Vermont Technical College in VT

Ever considered being a pilot? Well now is your chance….

Vermont Technical college has just announced a new college degree program in aviation starting this fall! This four year degree will allow graduates to fly either personal or commercial planes. While they have stated the hardships of the career field upon graduation being extremely competitive, they also point out how great of an opportunity for young adults this will be to experience something out of the common majors. And it is one of the first of its kind here in the Green state.

The program is not cheap, running around 65,000 for the four years, but much like a doctor, its all in how you do after you get the degree. Its not easy to start out with a high paying career in aviation, but put in the effort and time, and a commercial pilots salary is nothing to laugh at.

Check out their website to learn more about this program or other degrees they offer: