Music Scene in Burlington, VT

Burlington has long been deemed the college town of Vermont, sprinkled with canvas’s, dorm rooms, student apartments and lots and lots of young adults filling the streets. So why is that a good thing you ask? Well with the youth, comes lots of talent and the crowds to support it.

Just look at the local newspaper Seven Days (, and you will see a wide range of music playing on a daily basis; From punk to jazz to open mic nights for those just breaking out on the town, there is something to please almost any taste. And even better, most of the shows are either free or under $10!

So whether you want to dine will enjoying some tunes, or maybe just have a local Vermont beer, this town is a nice place to enjoy some original live music every day of the week! And why not relax at The Lang House for the evening and make it a romantic trip to Vermont! Only a 5 minute walk from main downtown!