Hiking During Vermont’s Fifth and Muddiest Season

The buds are starting to unfurl, the snow is running off the Green Mountains, the last round of April showers are drenching the valleys, the rivers and lakes are flooding… spring is finally here in Vermont after a long winter spent in the polar vortex.

We know the trails and hikes of Vermont are one of its biggest draws, but not so fast, outdoor enthusiasts: we’re entering the mud season.

Those not native to New England might not be familiar with its fifth season. The jury is out on whether or not its presence is due to heavy rains, the deepness of winter’s frost, or the amount of snow still on the ground once V.T. begins to thaw out. Whatever the cause, we’re all familiar with the sight of a classic Vermont back road, covered with pits of mud and pools of standing water, and that sinking feeling in your gut of, “oh, come on!” Nothing to it but to do it, right? There’s a reason why so many Vermonters own Subarus.

Because the ground is so fragile and the vegetation so susceptible to damage, hiking is limited by the Green Mountain Club until late May. Check out their website for trails all over the state they’ve deemed appropriate for use, and ask the staff at the Lang House how we can make your spring day of trekking a great experience.

Hiking in Vermont Tips: we love the Mallets Bay Causeway in Colchester, and we’re only a short 20-minute drive away! And there’s always the bike path along the lake for a scenic stroll or ride. Need to rent a bike? Try North Star Sports on Main Street.