Food Truck Friday Fun in Burlington, Vermont :: ArtsRiot’s Summer Truck Stop

Last summer was the first time ArtsRiot tried their Truck Stop Fridays, as reviewed here in Seven Days. The venue, located a one-mile walk from the Lang House, hosted a live band or DJ and all of our community’s favorite food trucks every Friday. It was such a hit that they decided to bring it back this summer — boy, is Burlington glad they did!

ArtsRiot, Burlington, VT

ArtsRiot is a newer fixture on the Burlington, Vermont culture scene, but it’s been a driving force in the revitalization of the artsy South End. Live music, community yoga, town hall meetings, Ethiopian dinners — you name it, it’s happened at ArtsRiot, whose motto is “destroy apathy.”

Setting up shop inside and out are some of Vermont’s most well-known food trucks, dishing up noodles, burgers, wings, desserts, and so much more. Grab a cocktail, a local draft beer, or a Citizen Cider from the bar inside. It’s one of our favorite events during the summer — you’ll love having the chance to sample specials from local chefs, eat different varieties of cuisine, and make some new friends. The ArtsRiot Truck Stop is a great way to get a feel for Burlington’s vibe.

Here are some of the Lang House staff’s preferred trucks at the Truck Stop:

  • The Hindquarter: We first started eating at the Hindquarter when it began to park on the University of Vermont’s green, only a five minute walk from the Lang House. Crispy duck, fried oyster po’boys, banh mi — the creative and delectable selections blew our mind, and the renovated 1964 red Ford box truck is a fun touch we love. All their meats—obtained locally, of course—are processed, from butchering to smoking, by the staff themselves. Their breads, sauces, and salads are baked, cooked, and prepped fresh.

  • Dolce VT: Trained classically and influenced by their Southern Italian heritage, the brother and sister team serve up seasonal items all year round in their mobile restaurant. At the food truck festivities, you can expect fried chicken, carnitas, pork belly, and finger-licking truffle fries. Don’t skip dessert, including panna cotta, French toast, and croissants—the chef’s origins are in pastries and baking.

  • Burger Barn: How complex can ordering a good old American burger be? If you’re going to Burger Barn, be prepared for a little bit of complexity—they offer thirty-five different burgers with sixteen different cheese to top their Boyden Valley patties. Unlikely but delicious ingredients like roasted beets, pineapple, chile mayo, fried eggs, and many others make their way atop Burger Barn’s specialty fares

Pingala Cafe's Broccoli Cart at ArtsRiot Food Truck Stop
  • Pingala: Pingala’s brick-and-mortar establishment is in downtown Winooski as part of the Chace Mill. Its menu is 100% vegan and many options are also gluten-free, but don’t expect a small list of selections or bland flavor combinations. This summer, Pingala’s brought a Broccoli Bar to Food Truck Fridays, but don’t think all they serve is broccoli-based bites—vegan dumplings, pakora, kung pao, latkes, veggie sautés, and more are frequently on the menu for Pingala’s truck.

Drooling yet? Come stay with us for the weekend and sample all our food trucks have to offer! And if you see us down in the South End, come say hi!

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