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204 Fisher Room $199-259 Per Night

The Fisher room is located on the second floor of the main house, across the hall from the Hayward room. The room’s location on the second floor, in the back of the house, makes the Fisher Room a guest favorite. It is painted a warm cream color, and the two, very large windows are draped with brown, velvet curtains.

This guest bedroom features a painted cannonball queen bed. Discreetly hiding a flat-screen television, is a blanket chest armoire with a rich patina resulting from many, many years of care. Guests enjoy the welcoming settee and iron reading light. The room is subtlety accented with rooster décor.

The attached, private bathroom is the original wainscoted bathroom used by family members who once resided here. It has a marble tile shower stall and the only closet in the house! (That’s why we have so many armoires!)

Late-arriving guests enjoy accessing their guest bedroom via the back stairway, which is adjacent to the main house’s back door.

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