More Co-ops set to go up in or around Burlington!

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City Market has been the local co-op and fresh market in Burlington, VT since 2002, and has been in business since the early 70’s! After the company met with a California based consulting company about its advantages and possible disadvantages, there is now talk of opening a 2nd location.

They have narrowed down their choices to two locations, one in downtown Winooski about 10 minutes away, or staying within the city limits on Archibald street only about 5 minutes from its current location. Either decision will surely help their parking and over-crowded issues that arise with being the only grocery store in walking distance.The new location will also allow more city residents to get locally grown food without traveling a long distance. Which works well for the environment too!

Whichever the decision, as city residents ourselves, Lang House is happy to support local food and local businesses!

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